Seekers: a bicoastal dance improvisation event

Sat. April 30th at 5pm

@ Atlantic Wharf Waterfront Square
290 Congress Street, Boston, MA

FREE & Open to the public

featuring performances by Zack Fuller, Olivier Besson, Maria Gillespie, Allison Wyper and others

The piece looks at human need for intimacy and connection where technological mediation and distance is the premise for much of our public and personal interaction. Performers in LA will be live broadcast onto monitors in the venue (Atlantic Wharf Waterfront Square) where the Boston cast will interact and improvise with them, stirring a real-time movement dialogue. How are we able to express, or hide our desires for connection and understanding where live human contact is impossible?

Kinodance at the Currier Musuem of Art, Manchester, NH

August 14th & 28th

Join us for a creative movement tour of kinetic sculpture during Family Super Saturday: Art in Motion at the Currier.

Part of the Currier Musuem's Adult Programs, members of Kinodance present a lecture/performance tying their work into the history of Kinetic Art.

In the first half of the 20th century, kinetic art flourished in an atmosphere of cross-pollination, drawing influences from the worlds of dance, film, science, pyschology and politics. Kinodance will highlight key objects, artists and ideas that shaped the evolution of kinetic art. Exhibition curator Nina Bozicnik will introduce the program.


The Refractive Kinescope in North Adams

June 25 - Oct 18, 2009

@ MCLA Gallery, 51 Annex
65 Main St. North Adams, MA

A gallery installation with live performances inspired by the history of silent cinema, projector devices, and a curiosity about the persistence of vision.

Visitors are raving: 

"Ingenious and very fun!" 

"A magical little space that was, marrying the mystery of trains passing in the night and flickering films evoking all sorts of emotions." 

"I love the journey."

"A real delight- completely engaging… Hard to walk away from."