4 channel HD site-specific installation and live performance

Addressing themes of intimacy, communication, and relationship where distance is the premise, Seekers is a bicoastal dance improvisation experiment that looks at how modern day communications have redefined the search for connection. It considers to what degree an online profile is able to capture the complexity of an individual's unique set of experiences - can you really get to know someone online? These questions and themes are accessed through dance, lived and expressed through the body, by a unique cast of eight movement artists. Uniting two casts from LA and Boston who have never met, the project has two parts: (1) the filming of movement portraits of four performers in a studio in LA and (2) a live broadcast of that footage onto monitors in the Atlantic Wharf Waterfront Square where a second cast meets them.

The internet, as a communication and networking resource, has created new formats for self-representation (the online profile) and ways to forge connection while transcending place, opening the possibility for dialogue where it never existed. It has also created new forms of intimacy. Seekersconsiders the implications of relationships based on absence, when our deep desires for meaning, understanding, and love persist. It calls attention to our imagination and its role in constructing encounters.


Concept & Direction: Alissa Cardone & Alla Kovgan
Performers: Olivier Besson, Heyward Bracey, Alissa Cardone, Asimina Chremos, Maria Gillespie, Michel Kouakou, Allison Wyper and Zack Fuller
Director of Photography: Mko Malkhasyan
Production Assistants: Lindsay Warner, Ian Isles, Jeff Cleary, Dedalus Wainwright 
Art Direction: Dedalus Wainwright
Technical Director: Anne Dresbach