9min, s8/video, 2000
Director: Alla Kovgan & Alissa Cardone

 video still by Alla Kovgan

video still by Alla Kovgan

Surface was inspired by "The Diary of a Young Girl" by Anne Frank. The quality of images and shifting sound divide the inside and the outside. It is a journey of spirit through the struggle between forces of isolation and connection, oppression and release, the hidden and the revealed.

Surface is a film as well as a performance.

2 channel video projections with live percussion/accordion/ violin choreographed by Alissa Cardone.

Performance history: 'Invitation to the Voyage' by Outside Art Collective at AS220 Art and Performance Space, Providence, RI, USA, May 2000 and 'Femme Fatale Freak Show' at Green Street Studios, Cambridge, MA.